Reliable Rebika Pariyar

Rebika-Pariyar-Face-of-the-year-2014Glamour Nepal, A plus 2 graduate is Rebika Pariyar is been twice in the beauty Pageants. Her first experience was Miss Teen 2014 where she made up to top fifteen round and second was Nepal’s Face of the year 2014. 18 years of age Rebika stands Five feet but height does not matters when confidence, enthusiasm, dedication and will power works. This is proved on 27th of September 2014 when Rebika was been crowned as the winner of Nepal’s Face of the year 2014 leaving behind her 17 competitors. The event was been showcased at Army Officer’s club and was been organized by Ribbon Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

The girl from Anamnagar has diversified interests from dance to sports and photography to creative works. Currently pursuing her studies at National College, Centre for Development, Rebika aspires to be a part of Nepal’s development. She strives to become a renowned figure in field of development specially in empowering girls.

What was the secret mantra of being Nepal’s face of the year 2014?
Do good, do it well and believe in yourself.

What is one thing that you would remember about the competition other than winning?
The everyday training session where I got to learn a lot.

How it felt when been crowned as the winner of the competition?
All the emotions popped up at the same time. However, happiness and joy was the maximum I felt as if I stood on the top of the world.

One word interaction with Rebika:
Dashain festival: Merrymaking
What you like about dashain festival: Togetherness
What you don’t like about dashain festival: Sacrifice
The initial alphabet of your name REBIKA would define: Reliable
The final alphabet of your name REBIKA would define: Approachable
Define you: Sociable
You would love to erase from your life: Awkwardness
You would love to have forever in your life: Patience
Define your fashion style: Comfy
One word that defines the favorite outfit in your wardrobe: Mild
One word that defines the outfit you would never try for: Tight

— By Rojin Shakya


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