Global Teens Shine at Teen Tourism Ambassador World 2024 in Kathmandu

The international pageant dedicated to teenagers, named Teen Tourism Ambassador World 2024, has successfully concluded. Hosted at Rastriya Naachghar, Jamal, Kathmandu, the event saw global teens competing. Delegates from Botswana, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Nepal participated in the competition.

The highlight of the event was the national costume round, where each contestant dazzled in attire that vividly showcased the richness, uniqueness, and specialties of their tradition, culture, ethnicity, and nationality. This round was a visual feast, with each contestant telling a unique story of heritage and identity. Contestants took the stage with pride, providing self-introductions that offered a glimpse into their personal backgrounds and the cultural significance of their attire. They also took this opportunity to introduce their countries, sharing fascinating facts and insights about their homelands.

Another key element of the event was the evening wear round. This segment was a celebration of elegance and sophistication. Each piece was a masterpiece, crafted with exquisite attention to detail and adorned with stunning embellishments. The evening wear round not only highlighted the contestants’ grace and poise but also showcased the creativity and craftsmanship of the designers who created these breathtaking ensembles.

The contestants were divided into various groups, and accordingly, the winners were finalized. Indonesia bagged the position of Grand Winner in Group A, while the participant from Nepal was declared the Male Winner.

Likewise, the female participant from Botswana was declared the Female Winner. The female participants from Malaysia and South Africa earned the first and second runners-up positions, respectively.

In Group B, the female participant from Indonesia was crowned as the winner, while the participant from Nepal was declared the Male Winner.

In Group C, the participant from Nepal was crowned as the winner, while the female participant from South Africa became the first runner-up.

In Group D, the participant from the Philippines was crowned as the winner. The event was organized by Anand Singh under the banner of The Fashion Era and emceed by fashion choreographer and media person Rojin Shakya.


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