‘Chhakka Panja 4’ concludes filming, set to hit theaters on March 3

The highly anticipated film ‘Chhakka Panja 4’ has completed its shooting schedule. The film, directed by Hemraj BC, wrapped up production in just two months, with the final song being filmed in Kavre’s Panauti on Sunday. The release date for the film has been set for March 3, 2023.

The cast of the film includes a talented ensemble of actors such as Deepak Raj Giri, Deepa Shree Niraula, Kedar Ghimire, Benisha Hamal, Malina Joshi, and others. Nirmal Sharma and Kedar Ghimire ‘Magne Budha’ serve as the executive producers of the film.

The fourth installment in the ‘Chakka Panja’ series will tackle political and social issues as its main theme. The previous series of the film have also delved into similar subjects such as politics, foreign employment, education, and love stories. The first three series of the film have been hugely successful, earning more than double digits at the domestic box office. With the fourth series eagerly awaited by audiences, the film is expected to continue its success.

‘Chhakka Panja 4’ coincides with the release of two other films on March 3, ‘2.0 Chadke’ directed by Nigam Shrestha and ‘Parastri’ directed by Suraj Pandey. Both films have announced the same release date and all three films have confirmed that they will not be moving from their planned release date.


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