Rangeen Mela with Mukti and Revival in UK

RANGEEN MELA with MUKTI & REVIVAL“Rangeen Mela” a Massive HOLI RAVE brought to you by YAK GROUP June 20th from 12pm to 9pm…

Posted by Bionic Creations on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Things designed for the event are:

Foods and Drinks
Foods and drinks will be available at the Festival. No food and drinks are allowed from outside. You may also not bring your own glass to the event.

Electronic devices
you want to capture moments during the festival but please bear in mind that expensive electronics may get damaged by the powder. It is advisable to keep these protected in a bag, plastic cover to sleeve.

What to wear?
Please bear in mind; you will not leave the festival looking the same as you arrived. We recommend you wear white and leave colourful. Comfortable shoes/sandals and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty are recommended. For people wearing contact lenses, safety goggles/glasses can be worn to protect the eyes.

Colour Countdown
Countdown will take place every 30 min. when people can release and throw the colour powder.

Our Colour
The colour at the festival is completely non-toxic, water soluble and environmentally friendly. We have imported certified 100% natural colour powder only and will be the only colour powder allowed at the event. We will not let any other unsuitable colour powder for the safety of festival goers. Any unsuitable colours will be unsuitable and confiscated.

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