Model / Actress Paramita RL Rana to release Audio Albums

Model Actress Paramita RL Rana

Model / Actress Paramita RL Rana has now turned into a singer. Her Two audio albums – ‘Royal’ and ‘Young King’ are ready to release in next month, where we can enjoy Rana’s vocals.

Rana, who starred in 2016’s box office hit Chapali Height 2 alongside Ayushman Joshi, performed at a concert over the weekend at Karma Lounge in Kathmandu, where the singer performed renditions of the songs from her upcoming album. Rana was accompanied on stage by rappers Nasty and Vision.

Rana said that her upcoming album will be a fusion album that will combine EDM and R&B. Rana follows in actress Namrata Shrestha’s footsteps by taking to music after a splash on the silver screen. Shrestha sang a cover of Rohit John Chhetri’s Bistarai Bistarai for the movie Soul Sister. The trend of making a transition from acting to singing is not new across the world. Bollywood actors Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra are notable examples.

Speaking about her upcoming albums, Rana said, “About four of the nine songs have already been recorded. They will be based on EDM and borrow some elements from R&B as well. Those are the genres I feel comfortable in.” Rana also announced that she is writing a movie script alongside her singing endeavors.


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