Patriotic song ‘Gangalal ko jasto mutu…’ unveiled

Glamour Nepal, Kathmandu,
New Music Video of the song dedicated to mother Nepal has been unveiled. The song ‘Ganga lal ko mutu…’ and its music video included in ‘Palpal’ of musician Tika Bhandari, were made public through You Tube. The song penned by Surya Khatri ‘Ghayal’ has been composed by Tika himself and sang by famous singer Shiva Pariayar.
‘Sahid Gangalal ko jasto mutu, Sahas Bhakti ko hos, yesto Santan Janmau Aama, Ragat Buddha ko hos…,’ read the lyrics of the patriotic song.
Musician Bhandari said that the album also includes song ‘Qatar gaye Saudi gaye lahur bhut, kahi pani veteyena dhana falne bot…’

Akash and Apeskshya have acted in the music video. Saman Adhikari has directed the music video, while Shiva Ram Shestha has shot it. Likewise, Rabindra Khadka is the editor. The song and music video were brought in market by Highlights Nepal.

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