November Rain couple to act in Classic

Namrata Shrestha Aryan SigdelSubas Entertainment, known as a big banner, has started producing new film in association with Aryan Sigdel Entrainment. The film said to be based on musical love story has been named ‘Classic’. The same banner had produced ‘November Rain’.

The shooting of the movie will kick off from Baisakh and will be directed by Dinesh Raut, who has directed successful films like ‘I Am Sorry’ and ‘November Rain’.

‘November Rain’ couple Aryan and Namrata Shrestha will be seen in the film too. Interestingly, the story of the film is written by Chhetan Gurung who wrote story of ‘November Rain’.

The music insert function of the movie was done in the capital. Musician Tara Prakash Limbu, director Dines Raut, producer duo Subas Giri and Kamal Giri, singer Yubraj Chaulagain, Melina Rai, cinematographer Rajesh Shrestha, associate director Bikash Subedi, arranger Rajan Ishan among others performed the music insert by worshipping Lord Ganesh.

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