Nisha Pathak: Independent people know the real struggle of life

Nisha-Pathak-Miss-Global-International-2A fair beauty by complexion, standing five feet and five inches tall Nisha Pathak is the fourth season winner for Miss Global International Nepal organized by Model Global Visas Consultancy. The event was showcased on 2nd September 2014 at Army Officers Club, Sundhara. The teenager at eighteen Nisha was victorious in her first attempt in any pageant like this. A plus two graduate Nisha resides at Maligaun, Kathmandu and is continuing her further studies at Trinity International College.

She aspires to successful banker and side by side a professional media person. Libra by zodiac sign she has keen interest in banking and modeling. She discloses being kind hearted especially towards the poor children, enjoy helping helpless people as her plus point. In addition to this she believes she has quality of patience as well. Well regarding her minus she says she is very stubborn and gets angry easily if she doesn’t get what she wants.

Nisha defines:
# Herself as a motivated teenager filled with thirst of learning more and more! A goal digger and a bold and courageous girl dreaming of bringing changes in her society and helping orphans!

# Being women of 21st century is not easy as it sounds… the competition is rising up and maintaining yourself in this era is very difficult but at the same time the women of this century doesn’t have to confine themself within 4 walls as they are independent enough to take care of themself and earn their livelihood since almost all women are educated.

# Being independent means not subjecting to be controlled under other… it helps in developing and building self esteem. When people become independent they come to know the real struggle of life.

# Being fashionable for me does not mean wearing fancy or expensive clothes and accessories. Fashion for me is something which makes me feel comfortable and easy with! I believe fashion is the way to say who you are without having to speak a word!

# Being beauty with brain: I believe everyone is beautiful and everybody has brain. It is god gifted. But girls with beauty and intelligence are the intimidating angels, absolutely the lethal combination.

Nisha-Pathak-Miss-Global-International-3What made you join Miss Global International?
Since my childhood I had dreamt of being a beauty queen. I was in search of platform to explore myself and I found MISS GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL as the perfect platform. Belief of my mom dad and support of my sister and uncle aunt along with my thirsty dream made me join miss global international!

What is the change you experienced after you win the competition?
Personally i haven’t changed much i am the same chulbuli pampered Nisha for my parents but professionally there have been many changes taken place that i can figure out within myself, whether it is dealing with people or managing time. I started to become more punctual than before. For me it’s just not winning the crown but reflecting the shine of my crown in my work as well.

How important do you think having the pageants like this?
Pageant like this is really important, as it ehances inner beauty of a girl, makes her independent confident and bold. It is just not about having beautiful face and body it is having beauty with intelligence and an international pageant like this plays vital role in developing good international relation between the nations.

If you were not been the winner of the competition how would you might have felt?
Literally i would feel very bad. But at the same time i would feel happy for having the courage to take part in this pageant and making it to the last. I would feel the knowledge and the golden memories which I learnt and lived have won me from myself and that is to be much appreciated

One word interaction with Nisha
Life without love: YouTube without videos
Life without cell phones: face book without friends
Life without friends: nothing at all
The color that defines you most: lavender
Outfit that is best to you: loose fitting tops
Outfit that you would never put on: silk pant with butterfly t-shirt

— Photo Courtesy: Shreedhar Poudel / OnlineKhabar


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