Nir Shah’s Seto Bagh charity show in Kathmandu

Glamour Nepal, Kathmandu
After reading ‘Basanti’ and ‘Seto Bagh’ of Diamond Shumsher Rana, Nir Shah became determined to produce films based on those novels. ‘Basanti’ was completed on time but, it took almost 10 years for Shah to make film ‘Seto Bagh’.

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The film that depicts and era of Nepal’s history was premiered in Australia few time ago. Coming Saturday a charity show of the film ‘Seto Bagh’ will be done in the capital for support of ‘Harmo Ghar’, a social organization. Shah is eager to know the reaction about the film after screening it for 20 days in Australia.

Shah made B. S. Rana, ShyamRai, Rajaram Poudel, Rabi Giri and 34 new artists play roles of historical characters. Shah suffered from heart attack while the dubbing of the movie was underway.He said the film made him to reach hospital bed.

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