Nepathya to perform in Bangalore

Famous Nepali band Nepathya will be performing in Bangalore, India. The band will be performing at ground of RR Institute in Bangalore coming Sunday.

Nepathya Amrit Gurung

A team with (11 members) lead by Amrit Gurung is leaving for the Indian city on Friday.

Bangalore is one of popular destination for Nepalese students for higher studies. “Many Nepalese students there are studying hard for their bright future,” Amrit said, “We are going to entertainment and wish them good luck for their career”.

The band had taken rest from musical journey after holding concert in Doha, Qatar in last August. Meanwhile, Nepathya is preparing for new album. Amrit informed recording of the album has been completed and the album will be releasing soon.

‘We could sing new songs at Bangalore’ he said, beside them; audiences will be able to enjoy our famous songs.’ During the two-hour long concert, the band will be singing popular songs like ‘Resham…, Chekyo Chekyo…,Taalko Paani…’ among others.

One week after the concert in Bangalore, Nepathya is scheduled to perform at Nepalgunj Medical College.


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