Nepalese Actor Pradeep Khadka and British Actor Jamie Bacon Lead in Exciting Himalayan Sci-Fi ‘Eklo’

British-Nepalese Director Pradeep Shahi’s film ‘Eklo’ will feature Nepalese Star Pradeep Khadka and British actor Jamie Bacon in lead roles.

Nepalese actor Pradeep Khadka and British actor Jamie Bacon will star in a sci-fi movie called ‘Eklo’, directed by a British-Nepalese director Pradeep Shahi.

Bacon is also helping to produce the movie. Bacon and Shahi want to connect the film industries of Nepal and Britain. They also want to show Nepal as a great place to filming in Asia.

Pradeep Khadka became famous a decade ago in a movie called ‘Prem Geet’. Now he’s one of the most popular actors in Nepal. In 2019, Khadka starred in a movie called ‘Love Station’. In 2022, his movie ‘Prem Geet 3’ was a super hit. Currently, there’s a lot of anticipation surrounding his new movie ‘Pujar Sarki’ in the Nepali film market.

Jamie Bacon is known for acting in the Netflix series White Lines and in the movie Brighton. He’s been in other shows and movies like The Hoarder and Father Brown. Next, he’ll be in Mr Loverman on BBC, premiering at Tribeca soon. He’s also finished filming for Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor’s first movie, Dreamers, with BBC Films.

The story of ‘Eklo’ is set in the future, after a dangerous virus made people leave Earth in 2030. Sixty years later, British astronaut Zach (played by Bacon) crashes in Nepal with his partner. They find a hidden city in the mountains and meet a mysterious person (played by Khadka), who guards the Himalayan region.

Shahi, who is currently at the Cannes with his latest directorial ‘Antim Sanskar: The Last Ritual’, is well known for ‘1915: Legend of the Gurkhas’ which released in May last year.


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