Neel David making independent to women, living in Maiti Nepal

Glamour Nepal, Kathmandu
Neel David’s Saloon of Hair and Beauty provides beautician trainings and jobs to women living in Maiti Nepal. Till now, some 30 people have received jobs after completion of the trainings.
neel-david-photoFounder of the Saloon, Neel David Katuwal said he has been fulfilling social responsibilities by making Nepali woman independent. He further clarified that he is ready to provide helpless women with trainings and employments by opening quality saloons in Kathmandu.
neel-david-maiti-nepalSaru Rai of Simara District had reached the social organization some eight years ago following weak economic situation of her house. Saru got opportunity to receive six-month training at Neel David’s Saloon of Hair and Beauty. She worked so good at during trainings that she was handed over the responsibility of trainer and managerial tasks too. Saru is leaving to New Delhi for advance course in expenses of the saloon.

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