Namuna College of Fashion Technology’s Graduating Designers Set to Inspire with Their Visionary Creations

The graduation fashion show of Namuna College of Fashion Technology (NCFT) is an eagerly anticipated event in the Nepalese fashion scene, and this year’s show promises to be nothing short of spectacular. As the 17th graduating batch of NCFT, the 83 fashion designers have been working tirelessly to prepare for their upcoming showcase. With the event named ‘Kalpanam Satyatat’, the graduating designers will showcase their individual creativity through a series of mesmerizing presentations that explore various themes.

The graduating designers have explored nine different themes in total, each showcasing their unique perspectives and visions. With 83 wearable attires to be presented, the show will highlight the incredible talents of the graduating designers, with nine of the most creative dresses taking center stage as the masterpiece of each collection. The event is being organized, produced, and managed entirely by the 17th graduating batch themselves, showcasing their skills in event management and production.

The show itself will be a stunning display of creativity, innovation, and imagination, with the aspiring designing talents bringing their wildest imaginations to life through exclusive creations. The presentation will be a saga of expression portrayed on the canvas of various fabrics, explored through various elements of design and variations, and expressed in various moods of colors to create a magnificent and mesmerizing look for each piece of clothing.

Scheduled for the 6th of April 2023, the NCFT graduation fashion show will take place at The Soaltee Kathmandu, with media person and fashion choreographer Rojin Shakya directing and choreographing the event. The runway will be graced by 25 female and 6 male models, including both professional models and students from NCFT itself. This provides a unique opportunity for the students to showcase their designs and creations in a professional setting, gaining invaluable experience and exposure in the industry.

The show is a part of the academic requirements of the “Fashion Show” course of the final (eight) semester under Purbanchal University’s Bachelor of Fashion Design and Management (BFDM) program. This showcases the importance of practical experience in the industry and provides a platform for the students to apply their learnings and skills in a real-world setting. has been selected as the online media partner for the event, further emphasizing the significance of the graduation fashion show and its importance in the Nepalese fashion industry. Overall, the NCFT graduation fashion show promises to be an unforgettable event, showcasing the incredible talents of the graduating designers and providing a glimpse into the future of Nepalese fashion.


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