Mr. Nepal World 2022, Ready to Face the Finals

The search and hunt for the most deserving Nepali male having charm, confidence, caliber, character, and capacity to represent Nepal on the world stage, Mr. Nepal World 2022 in the making process. This time, the making process is going under the banner of Next Models Nepal.

There are all together thirty-six young talented men contesting for the most coveted title award for the males in the domestic scene of Nepal. The event is scheduled for 16th April 2022 at Hyatt Regency, Boudha, Kathmandu.

The overall making of Mr. Nepal World 2022 is being conducted at Walnut Bistro & Banquet, Baluwatar, Kathmandu. The contestants are been trained in various aspects with the motive to transform them from an individual to a professional where the choreography session and major mentoring is been done by Prashant Tamrakar while other aspects are been performed by Malvika Subba and Rojin Shakya.

The building of physique and fitness was been performed at Bajra Nanita’s Fitness and Gym Center whereas the adventure, sports, and physical strength sessions were been explored at Nepal Military Academy, Kharipati.

The appearance grooming was been performed at Neel David’s Salon. The styling and wardrobe design has been taken care of by IIFT, the school of fashion. The training session went through various other aspects like personality development, motivational sessions, mindfulness, opening act performance, photoshoot, talent round, and prejudging.


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