Mr. & Miss Rauniyar 2021 is on its way

With an objective to conserve, preserve and promote ethnic and cultural values of Rauniyar community, to provide the platform for the youth of Rauniyar community to enhance their personality, develop their confidence, explore their talent and potential, the second season of Mr. & Miss Rauniyar is been opened.

Being organized under the banner of Ammy entertainment Ammy Rauniyar is the organizer and Anny Rauniyar is the manager for the team. As per the schedule, the first edition of the event would take place at Janakpur on the 16th of January, the second audition would take place at Birgunj on the 23rd of January while the final audition would be hosted at Kathmandu on 30th January 2021.

The first edition of the event was been premiered last year where Aashish Rauniya and Priya Rauniyar were been elected as the winners.

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