Miss Newa 1141, learning culture polishing personality

At the very moment, NTC Miss Newa 1141 is in the making process. Fifteen beautiful ladies from the Newar community are polishing their personalities through various learning processes and enhancing their knowledge regarding the cultural and ethnic values of the Newar community.

The ladies are being groomed on major aspects of stage presentation techniques, communication skills, confidence development, personality enhancement, and beauty and fashion awareness. Other than these ladies are encountering various aspects of Newar culture, ethnicity, language, tradition, rites, and rituals.

So far the contestants experienced the making of traditional Newari food called Yomari, done with the cultural photoshoot wearing Newari Traditional dress. The contestants have improved a lot in speaking Newar’s mother language called Nepal Bhasa and also learned about Ranjana Lipi through the workshop on the lipi itself in the Calligraphy workshop.

Likewise, the contestants have learned on traditional puja rituals of the Newar community and also performed the purposeful ceremony called Lakh Batti, the lighting of one hundred thousand wicks with a prayer of bringing peace and happiness in the society after the COVID-19 situation.

The contestants have also gone through official dress measuring at IEC College of Art & Fashion, the official wardrobe partner of the event. The event is being organized by Nepalese Fashion Home and the 15th Season of NTC Miss Newa 1141 is being scheduled for the 7th of Falgun 2077 at Nepal Academy Hall, Kamaladi, Kathmandu.

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