Lighting the Lamp of Love: The Sacred Flame for Saruk Tamrakar

In remembrance of the late actor Saruk Tamrakar, who tragically took his own life on 6, July 2023 (21 Asar 2080), the lamps were ceremoniously lit at the Bouddha Stupa (also known as Boudhanath, Khasti Chaitya) in Kathmandu. Amidst heartfelt grief, close friends, relatives, and family members gathered to pay their respects, shedding tears as they illuminated the lamp in front of Saruk’s photograph.

In remembrance of the late actor Saruk Tamrakar, lamps were ceremoniously lit at the Bouddha Stupa on 19th july. Photo courtesy: Barsha Khanal

Prominent figures from the film industry, including actresses Samragji Rajyalakshmi Shah, Varsha Sivakoti, Malina Joshi, Sushma Karki, Shraddha Chhetri, director Rensha Vantava Rai, producer Prajwal Shamsher Jabra, and others, also participated in the lamp lighting ceremony to honor Saruk’s memory. Accompanying them were singer Nitesh Jung Kunwar, vlogger Sisan Bania, and former Miss Nepal Ashmi Shrestha, who joined in lighting the lamp as a tribute to Saruk. The solemn atmosphere filled everyone’s eyes with tears.

Saruk’s grieving parents were present during the ceremony, and as they lit the lamp in front of their son’s picture, father Sanu Tamrakar’s eyes brimmed with sorrowful tears.

Following Saruk’s suicide, which occurred upon his return home after filming for the movie ‘Hashtag Maya,’ the police have been actively investigating to ascertain the reasons behind this tragic event.


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