Funeral of Saruk Tamarkar Held at Pashupati Aryaghat

On Friday afternoon, the body of actor Saruk Tamarkar was laid to rest in a cremation ceremony held at Pashupati Aryaghat. Saruk’s father, Shanu Tamarkar, performed the last rites, while family members, relatives, and a large gathering of filmmakers gathered to bid their final farewell.

Notable individuals such as Saruk’s co-star Dheeraj Magar, who had worked with him in the movie ‘Into Mintu Londonma,’ as well as veteran actor Shiv Shrestha, were present at the ceremony. The arrival of Saruk’s body at Aryaghat brought about an atmosphere of shock and deep emotion, with some actors shedding tears in remembrance of the actor.

Several actors, including Saugat Malla, Suraksha Pant, Ashant Sharma, Divya Dev, Manish Shrestha, and others, gathered to pay tribute to Saruk.

Saruk, who made his debut in the film ‘Rani’ and acted in ‘Meri Mamu’ and ‘Into Mintoo Londonma,’ was only 31 years old when he tragically took his own life.

The incident occurred on Thursday night, till Thursday he was busy in filming of ‘Hashtag Maya’, when Saruk was found hanging from a plastic pipe attached to the staircase railing around 11 p.m.

SAD NEWS: Actor Saruk Tamrakar Passed Away


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