Jire Khursani and Bhadragol to be telecasted again

The telecast of famous two Nepali comedy serials ‘JireKhursani’ and ‘Bhadragol’, stopped since few weeks, will resume again in Nepal Television. The two serials will air new episodes from last week of this month.
bhadragol jire khursaniChairman of Media Hub Som Dhital informed that they have received tender from the state-owned television for telecast of the popular serials.

Media Hub is currently presenting ‘Tito Satya’ and ‘Meri Bassai’. Dhital added that ‘Bhadrogol’ will resume from Chaitra 27 and ‘Jire Khursani’ from Chaitra 30.
For ‘Jire Khursani’, the company will pay Rs 2.17 lakh to NTV and Rs 1.87 lakh for ‘Bhadrogol’ per week. It has been spending Rs 1.45 lakh and Rs 80,000 per week for production of ‘Jire Khursani’ and ‘Bhadragol’ respectively.

The telecast of both the serials had stopped after amount kept by the sponsor company World Vision Advertising as a bank guarantee, turned out to be fake. The amount Rs 5 crore 86 lakh kept by the company at the Siddhartha Bank turned out to exits in paper only. Following the scam, police arrested operator Dinesh Shrestha.

Of late, ‘Bhadragol’ is very famous among Nepalese television audiences.

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