Hla Yin Kyae, Myanmar won Miss Heritage International 2014

Miss Heritage International 2014, Hla yin kyae, Myanmar won the main Title in the beauty pageant organized by the E-Planet in the capital of Nepal.

Miss-Heritage-International-2014-winnersGlamour Nepal, Kathmandu
The first ever international beauty pageant under the name ‘Miss Heritage International 2014’ in Nepal concludes on the 5th of December 2014 at Army Officers club. The competition saw 12 global beauties participating from different countries. The competition had Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore and Myanmar from Asia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Sierraleone and Uganda from Africa whereas Russia and Belarose from European zone. Hla Yin Kyae from Myanmar succeeded to wear the winning crown of Miss Heritage international 2014. Five feet six and half inches tall Hla is 27 years of age aims to set her own movie production house and is fond of reading and writing short stories. The youngest participant of the event, 18 years of age Kwintra Praphasoanobon from Thailand was crowned as first runner-ups whereas 24 years of age Shital Upare from India took away the second runner-ups award. Mariatu Dukuray from Sierraleone and Vinetia Lim Hui Sze were respectively awarded as the third and forth runner-ups of the event.

Miss-Heritage-International-2014-Myanmar-CrownedThe event kicked off with an opening act that had all the contestants performing in their national attires that was been followed by their self introduction. The second session saw the contestants performing on the knee length designs made in Nepali Dhaka designed by Nepali Fashion designer Sama Banu. The third session of the event saw contestants wearing designs that carried out the environmental awareness theme. Then came the evening gown round which had various designs from simple and elegant looking concept to fish tail styles, ball gown concepts to asymmetrical, sophisticated to glamourous styles.

The event was been organized by Eplanet Nepal according to the agreement with Sipit Media, Zimbabwe, the initiators of the event, that endeavours to promote Peace, Environment, Culture, Tourism, and above all the global Heritage. The grand coronation night had Prasiddhi kala samuha performing some of the Nepali folk dances whereas the artists from Thailand gave their singing performances to make the audience get entertained throughout the event.

As the event proceeded, the top eight finalists got their way to prove themselves the best. India, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sierraleone , Zambia and Belarose were successful to make to the final round. The event got its winner after finalists gave their answers for the final deciding question in the written form.

Prior to the finale the participants of the event got involved in various events and preparation phase that included tour which covered the major destinations of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur having the cultural, tourism and heritage value. The participants also did had a trip to Lumbini and Chitwan as well. The other remaining activities related to grooming and event activities related to other title awards and pre judging was conducted within the close camp stay at Nagarkot Hillside Village Resort, Nagarkot, Bhaktapur. The event was been choreographed by Rojin Shakya from Nepal and was been coordinated by Anurat Kosakul from Thailand.


Winners in various categories:
Miss Heritage International Tourism Ambassador: Florence Namwase, Uganda
Miss Heritage International Cultural Ambassador: Zinhle Dube, Zimbabwe
Miss Heritage International Peace Ambassador: Mariatu Dukuray, Sierraleone
Miss Heritage International Environmental Ambassador: Nani Thapa, Nepal
Miss Heritage International Best National costume: Kwintra Praphasanobon, Thailand
Miss Heritage International Best body: Hla Yin Kyae, Myanmar
Miss Heritage International Best Evening gown: Kwintra Praphasanobon, Thailand
Miss Heritage International Miss Photogenic: Sultana Raka, Bangladesh
Miss Heritage International Miss Congeniality: Domiah Lihonde, Zambia
Miss Heritage International Asia: Vinetia Hui Sze, Singapore
Miss Heritage International Africa: Zinhle Dube, Zimbabwe
Miss Heritage International Europe: Tatiana Sheboronima, Russia