Gunjan Movie Offers Refunds for Unsatisfied Audiences

The second trailer for the movie Gunjan was released at a event in the capital. The movie is set to be screening in theaters throughout the country starting on January 13, 2023. The film stars Sara Sirpali, Pritam Raj Senchury, and Kabir Khadka as the lead roles in a triangle love story film. The supporting cast includes Saroj Khanal, Hiunwwala Gautam, Nitruta Syangtang, Eva Shrestha, Kanchan Chalise, and Rohan Shahi.

The producer of the movie, Hira Krishna Shahi, has announced that he will refund the ticket cost to any audience members who are not satisfied with the film. “Those who do not like the film can contact me with a copy of the ticket for refund,” he added.

This movie marks the directorial debut of Asta Maharjan, who has previously worked as an action director for over 20 years. Rajesh Shrestha served as the cinematographer, and Bipin Malla was the editor. The film was filmed in Pokhara, Jomsom, Kathmandu, and Dubai, UAE.


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