Gangnam Style makes another record, Broke You Tube view limit

PSY’s Gangnam Style has been viewed so many times that it broke YouTube’s view counter, making it the very first video to break.

Gangnam-StyleGlamour Nepal,
The world famous music video Gangnam Style has challenged You Tube, The music video for South Korean singer Psy had earlier made record of most viewed music video.

The song has added another record in its kitty. The song was loved so much on You Tube that the video streaming website failed to keep record of the view count. Due to which, the counter of You Tube was damaged.

Operators, some nine years ago, didn’t imagine that any video could be viewed for more than 2 billion times. But, after the video surpassed the limit, the view counter of You Tube suffered problem. You Tube made new counter after holding consultations with Google Plus.Gangnam-style-broke-you-tube-record