Ganeshdev Pandey’s Julebi, Mesmerizing Love Story Premieres in August

The release date for the love story movie “Julebi” has been officially announced. The film is set to be screened nationwide starting from the 1st of Bhadra(18 August 2023). This announcement came in conjunction with the signing of a contract between the production team and the distribution company DCN.

“Julebi” revolves around the love stories of four female protagonists, portraying three interconnected incidents. The lead roles in the movie are portrayed by Usha Rajak, Surakshya Pant, Nisha Adhikari, and Monica Thapa. Additionally, notable actors such as Sushil Sitaula, Pushkar Karki, Tufan Thapa, and others are also part of the cast.

Furthermore, the digital rights of the film have been successfully sold. DAR Movies has acquired the digital rights for “Julebi”. A digital rights agreement has been officially signed between Shyam Dhital of DAR Movies and Naveen Bhatt, the executive producer of the film. Additionally, it has been revealed that some international rights for “Julebi” have also been sold.

“Julebi” is produced by Abha Sharma Nepal, with Naveen Bhatt serving as the executive producer. The film is being brought to audiences under the banner of Four Cube Entertainment and is directed by Ganeshdev Pandey, known for his previous works “Manjari” and “Gaja Baaja”. The cinematography is handled by Vivek Khadka, while Anjay Khadka takes charge of the editing. The sound design for the movie is skillfully crafted by Uttam Nyupane.


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