Focus Fashion House comes into an existence

A modeling agency named ‘Focus Fashion House’ has come to its operation. The modeling agency aims to deliver a complete service operating itself into multiple disciplines like organizing fashion events and beauty pageants, production of music videos, web series and commercials, photoshoots, model coordination, and promotion, and more. The agency has come into existence through the team of Aadarsh Sharma, Rocky Maharjan, Elina Chhetri, and Sirjana Gurung.

The newly establish modeling agency, Focus Fashion House was been inaugurated by the Editor to Kamana Monthly magazine, Bidur Giri. Mr. Giri is been contributing to the field of entertainment journalism for very long time and has been awarded various awards and recognition on a number of occasions.

Recently he was been conferred by Janasewa Shree Padak from hands of Honorable President of the country, Bidhya Devi Bhandari. Besides Mr. Giri the inauguration of Focus Fashion House was also jointly done by Media person Sagarika Shrestha and Well-known model Deepak Ghimire.

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