Fans don’t decrease after love affairs : Nita Dhungana

Neeta-DhunganaGlamour Nepal, Kathmandu
Actress Nita Dhungana has become talk of the town for her love affairs with Amesh Bhandari. She had recently made public the love that had blossomed since few years. Now-a-days, the couple appears together in public functions too.

It has been observed that fans, especially of actress, are decreased after the love affair is made public and it also impact business of the film acted by them. However, Nita believes that her love affairs won’t influence her filmy career.
“Love and film are two side of a coin. I don’t think, fans are reduced after being in love,” Dhungana said. According to her, all artists that are in love are successful in their career.

Two movies of the actress, ‘Dhoon’ and ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ are scheduled to be released this year. She believes that a hit film benefits producer and also helps actor to get more projects.


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