Deepika spills beans on relationship with Ranbir

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has finally expressed about hurt she got after her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor came to an end. Ranbir had refused to accept Deepkia as wife owing to domestic problems and steeped back.

“It took long time to control myself after the breakup,” Deepika revealed during a recent interview, “Only I know how tough it was for me to console my heart. But, now everything is back to normal. I don’t want to recall the past”.

She is now filled with happiness after her film HAPPY NEW YEAR grossed over 300 crore within three days of release. In this moment of jolliness, Deepika refused to answer a question regarding her earlier relationship.

The hit couples loved by audiences will be seen romancing on screen in upcoming movie ‘Tamasha’. “It took long time to console myself after breakup. Now, I am doing good films and moving ahead in life. That way I don’t want to look back,” Deepika said.


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