Be bold enough to use your voice: Nirisha Basnet

Be bold enough to use your voice: Nirisha Basnet, winner Model Quest International Nepal 2015

Nirisha Basnet

Nirisha Basnet : winner Model Quest International Nepal 2015

Fair lady Nirisha Basnet was been announced as the female winner of Model Quest International Nepal 2015 on 26th of September 2015, organized by Youhaan International Events Pvt. Ltd. In the event Nirisha was also the winner of Miss Personality award. Having keen interest in media 21 years of age Nirisha weighs 42 kg and stands five feet four inches.

Being very passionate about modeling for Nirisha being model is not enough for her she desires to be known as a supermodel. Being a fashion model would only also not satisfy her, she adds,’ becoming a role model and an inspiration to the upcoming generation of models is equally important to me.’ Pisces by Zodiac sign Nirisha is a Bachelors degree holder Bachelors Degree in Business Administration-Banking & Insurance (BBA-BI) from Ace Institute of Management.

What do you think made you the winner of Model Quest International Nepal 2015?
I believe having confidence in oneself is a must to move ahead to make your dreams come true and as per this Confidence in me made to face the competition and bring out the best of me. At the same time all the love and support that I got from all of my friends and family continuously inspired and made me believe more on me that yes I can do. And finally I did.

What do you love about modeling?
It allows me to Walk-the-Walk rather than Talk-the-Talk.

How do you define a model personality?
Absolute Balance of Body, Mind & Soul

How important for you is being popular as a model, why?
Modeling is selling yourself first and then anything else. In Modeling only being good professional is not enough, one should be seen on the scene and making oneself noticed makes a huge difference. And in this industry, career progression is solely dependent on ones popularity.

Nirisha defines:
Myself: I am not immaculate. I am a very messy person who don’t fit in a box or stay between the lines.

Personal quote of inspiration: Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart and strong enough to live the life you have always imagined.

Being Model: Being comfortable with who you are and not being afraid of presenting what you are.

One word interaction with Nirisha
Visiting beauty parlor: Personal
Going in a long drive: Music
Having a candle dinner: Load shedding
Dress that makes you looks pretty: Sari
Dress that makes you look smart: Skirt
Dress that makes you look sexy: Tank Tops & Shorts

  • by Rojin Shakya


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