Traditional Newari Cuisines by Miss Newa Beauties

The 15th season of Nepal Telecom Miss Newa 1141 is nearing its grand finale and so the preparation and grooming session of the contestants has almost come to the end. In the meantime, the contestants also have prepared traditional Newari cuisines and have organized Newar Bhoj at Suryabinayak.

The contestants have also faced judgment on various subcategories like photogenic, smile, hair, skin, personality, etc., and was been judged by the team of Dr. Bimala Shakya, Dr. Bijay Sainju Shihan Ashok Kumar Shrestha, Beautician Manju Karki, and Photographer Shiva Lal Shrestha.

The participating ladies have been groomed on major aspects of stage presentation techniques, communication skills, confidence development, personality enhancement, and beauty and fashion awareness. Other than these ladies have also encountered various aspects of Newar culture, ethnicity, language, tradition, rites, and rituals.

The contestants were been majorly mentored by Choreographer Rojin Shakya while the contestants enhanced their knowledge on Newar culture and Nepal Bhasa from Sunita Dangol. Likewise, the welcome act of the contestants is been prepared by Rejisha Dangol.

The contestants would be wearing the dresses designed by student designers of IEC College of Art & Fashion, the official wardrobe partner of the event. The event is being organized by Nepalese Fashion Home and the 15th Season of Nepal Telecom Miss Newa 1141 is being scheduled for the 15th of Falgun 2077 at Nepal Academy Hall, Kamaladi, Kathmandu.

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