Singing Sensation Swoopna Suman to debut in movie

Popular singer Swoopna Suman is set to take on the role of hero in an upcoming untitled film directed by Dinesh Raut. Director Raut has confirmed that Suman has been signed for the lead role in the film, which is based on a love and social story.

Singing Sensation Swoopna Suman is going to be the main character in an upcoming untitled movie directed by Dinesh Raut. Suman has been learning how to act in this role for the past three months. He has been taking classes and practicing his acting skills to ensure that he delivers an outstanding performance in the film. The movie will start filming in Baishakh (Apr/May 2023), and Suman is excited to take on this new challenge in his career.

The movie is based on a love story and a social story and it talks about the problems and confusion in big cities and how it affects the characters in the movie. The film delves into the themes of urban life and the challenges that come with living in a city. Director Raut has stated that the film will reflect the two sides of city life, the good and the bad, and how it shapes the characters in the film.

Popularly known as Swoopna Suman, whose real name is Suman Thapa. He has been gaining popularity in the music industry and has released several singles and cover songs that have been well-received by audiences. He has also composed the original soundtrack for the film “Into Mintu Londonma” which was well-received. He married model and actress Jyotsana Yogi last year and is trying to do both music and acting.

The movie is set to be released during a big festival Dashain. The release of the movie during this festival is expected to attract a large audience and it’s a great opportunity for Suman to showcase his acting skills to a wider audience. Suman is looking forward to the release of the film and is excited to see how audiences will react to his performance.


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