Dhiraj Magar’s Jackie I am 21 hit the screens on May 4th

The Film “I am 21” directed by Renasha Rai Rana has had a title change and is now called “Jackie: I am 21”. The production company, Eye Core Films, announced the new title and also revealed the release date for the film, which will be on May 4th 2023 (21st Baisakh 2080).

The reason behind the name change is to put more emphasis on the main character, Jackie. The producer of the film, Prajjwal SJB Rana, stated that they hope the film will now be more character-driven. He also explained that the name change was made because the previous title “I am 21” only targeted a specific age group.

The film stars Dheeraj Magar in the lead role and is the second collaboration between him and Icor Films. Dheeraj’s acting career began with Eye Core’s previous film “Intu Mintu Londonma”, which was successful at the domestic box office. The film also features Jasita Gurung, Arun Chhetri and other actors.

The film tells the story of a character named Tanneri (young) who is pursuing a dream and the obstacles he encounters in fulfilling it. The film was shot during the Covid-19 pandemic and is currently in post-production. The film produced by Prajjwal SJB Rana and Prabhu SJB Rana, with music composed by Kali Prasad Baskota and Rohit Shakya, and cinematography by Sushan Prajapati.

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