Suicide committed ! writing love letter to Nita Dhungana

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Incident of suicides by a boy after refusal of his proposal can be a part of film or novel. But, in real life only few boys are seen ending their lives in such situation.
Similar incident took place in the life of actress Nita Dhungana. She recently revealed such a sad incident that occur redone decade ago.

She feels guilty when remembering that youth of Chitwan district who committed suicide for her. What was your memorable love letter? The actress became too serious when asked during the interview.

“A youth of Chitwan used to like me a lot when I was 16-year-old. But, I dint understand him. That was my fault,” the actress said while recalling her past.
According to Nita, she had taken the boy only as a good friend. He proposed her which was refused by the actress.“It was fault on my part that is thought him only a friend,” she said.

The boy had ended his live after Nita had rejected his proposal. Before, committed suicide the boy wrote a letter to the actress and expressed his pain.
Nita feels bad remembering the incident even today. She has kept the love letter sent by the boy safely. The actress had recently made public her relationship with Amesh Bhandari.


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