Shree 5 Ambare producer riled by artists’ act to skip promotion

keki-adhikari-and-priyanka-karki-nepali-actressGlamour Nepal, Kathmandu
Producer of film ‘Shree 5 Ambare’ has complained the behavior exhibited by model cum actress Keki Adhikari and Priyanka Kakri as they have kept themselves aside from promotion of the film.

Concept director Jeevan Saathi Basnet said that he is saddened by the behavior of these actresses at the time when the release date of the film is approaching near. “This film will benefit Keki a lot. It’s hard for me to understand why she didn’t cared about promoting it,” he said. Keki has kept herself distance from the promotion of the film in which she is appearing in lead role.

Director Deepa Basnet informed that Keki didn’t show up at the deusi program organized by ‘Shree 5 Ambare’ team at the Prime Minister’s official residence in Baluwatar during the Tihar festival.

After artists didn’t extended their helping hands, director Basnet is busy putting her own efforts to promote the mega-budget film. She along with producer Deepak Acharya is currently outside the Kathmandu Valley for promotional activities. Film artists, however, seem carefree regarding promotion.

“ Now, I have realized pros and cons of signing new and old faces,” Concept director Jeevan Sathi Basnet said, “ All the new artists of film Antaral had contributed for promotion. We faced problem this time as we signed old ones.”

‘Shree 5 Ambare’ is hitting screen on November 21 (Mangsir 5).


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