Sakar and Sirjana won Mr. & Miss Nepal’s SEE Icon 2017

An event targeted to the SEE appeared students called Mr. & Miss Nepal’s SEE Icon 2017 has finalized its winners. Sakar Shrestha and Sirjana Thapa Magar registered victory in the major title award of the competition.

In the event Sakar was also successful at personality award while Sirjana took away the awards of best hair and best speech. The finale event was showcased at Rastriya Naachghar, Jamal.

The event organized by ANP media house saw Amrit Thapa, Sunil Bohara and Sovit Basnet respectively as first, second and third runner-up. Amrit also grabbed best skin award while Sunil topped at best speech category.

Likewise Sovit earned best walk and best hair award. In the ladies category Anuska Adhikari topped as first runner-up while Smriti Shrestha and Rabina Baral were chosen as second and third runner-up respectively.

Anuska was also victorious at discipline award while Smriti took away the award of beauty with purpose. Likewise Rabina was successful at socially responsible award.

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