Photojournalist Pradeep Raj Onta turn to Music Video Model

The CEO of Season Media Pvt. Ltd. and Photo Journalist Pradeep Raj Onta has started music video modeling. Mr. Onta turned to a model from the music video of a song titled ‘Pardeshiko Karma’. The video was recently been released in Kathmandu through a program organized at E-Revolving Indian Cuisine Restaurant Pvt. Ltd., Newroad, Kathmandu. The music video was jointly been released by Actor/Director Akash Adhikari, Senior Beautician Sita Pathak, Corporate Chef Kumar Chalise, and Social Activist Devendra Pradhan.

Seven-minute long video portrays the story of challenges and difficulties faced by Nepalese in foreign employment. The song is been sung by Binod Danuwar, written and composed by Nawaraj Ghimire.

The music video is been directed and shot by Nabin Babu Gurung, assisted by Rezina Tuladhar, and edited by Nabin Niraula. The video is been produced by Season Entertainment having Photojournalist Pradeep Raj Onta and Zumba Instructor Sonam K.C. in the lead cast.


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