Nineteen Fauntin… a Music Video by Wilson Bikram Rai

A Music Video by Wilson Bikram Rai (Most popular in comedy as Takme Budha) – Nineteen Founteen Yuddha Ladhda Pako Maile Takma… video song  has been unveiled through  his You Tube channel. The song in audio version is very popular among youth.

wislson bikram raiNow, the song is made public with new video, the music video shot in scenic places of eastern Nepal, Wilson has played with model Parbati Rai. The music video is directed by Sunil Jung Thapa and shot by Bikram B.C. Wilson has seen in different looks and having fun with model Rai in the video. He is also featured in his trademark getup of Takme Budha.

Watch Here a Music Video by Wilson Bikram Rai – Nineteen Fauntin…

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