Miss Rai 2015 Contestants in Rai Cultural Outfits Photos


Miss Rai 2015 Contestants in Rai Cultural Outfits

Miss Rai 2015 Contestants in Rai Cultural Outfits

Contestant – 1
Name: Shristi khaling Rai | Qualifications: Bachelor, Lab assistance and Technician complete | Birth Place: Shankhuwa-Sabha, Currently: Dhapasi Kathmandu| Height: 5 ft 1nch | Hobby: Traveling, Pplaying Football, Swimming, Dancing | Aim: To be a successful person in any sector.
Contestant – 2
Name: Jenita Rai | Address: Balaju, kathmandu | Height: 5ft 7 inch | Hobby: Swimming, Playing Basketball | Aim: cardiologist.

Contestant – 3
Name: Pabitra Bantawa Rai | Height: 5ft 6inch | Permanent Address: Dhankuta Currently: Samakhusi, Kathmandu | Hobby: Watching Football, Collecting Stamps, Singing | Aim: To be a manager

Contestant – 4
Name: Smita Rai | Permanent Address: Dhankuta, Currently: Latitpur | Hobby: Listening Music, Travelling and literature

Contestant – 5
Name: Supriya Rai |Birth Place: Rabi, Panchthar, Currently: Pepsicola Town Planning | Height: 5ft 6inch | Hubby: Social work, Sports.

Contestant – 6
Name: Sneha Rai |Height: 5ft 6 inche | Address: Bharaul -5, Sunsari, Currently: Sinamangal, Kathmandu | Hubby: Reading novels, Listening Music and Sing, Modelling, Socializing, Travelling, Shopping.

Contestant – 7
Name: Purnima Rai | Birth Place: Bhojpur | Hight: 5ft | Aim: Nurse, Fashion Designer, Social worker, Entrepreneur | Hobby: Dancing, Laughing, Traveling, Playing, Enjoying, Helping People and want to live adventures life.

Contestant – 8
Name: Ellie Rai | Address: Dhankuta, Curretly: Samakhusi | Height: 5ft

Contestant – 9
Name: Seema Rai | Permanent Adress: Ilam, kolbung-4 | Height: 5ft1inch |Hubby: Dancing, Dress Designing and Cooking.
Contestant – 10
Name: Punam Rai | Height: 5ft 2inch | Permanent Address: Belbari, Morang. Currently: Gangabu, kathmandu | Qualifications: Master Degree, Chartered Accountan CAI | Hubby: Dancing, Singing, Acting | Love to do: Compose Songs, Writing Songs, Talking with Sseniors, Travelling | My Dream: to be a renowned celebrity, to be a good social workers and to be Dr.CA Punam Rai.

Contestant – 11
Name: Pratina Rai | Address: Khotang, Diktel | Hobby: Dancing, Acting and Playing Guitar | Aim: to be a good Publisher

Contestant – 12
Name: Najma Rai | Height: 5ft1/5inch | Aim: Child Psychologist and Researcher | Interests: Traveling, Photography, Reading, Learning New languages, Drawing, Writing Poems and Stories, theatrical acting | Address: Khumaltar, Lalitpur Birth Place: Dharan-17, Sunsari

Contestant – 13
Name: Chandani Rai | Height: 5ft5 inch | Birth Place: Okhaldhunga, Khachapu Unbu-01, Currently: Koteshwor-35, Kathmandu | Interest: Dancing, Listening to Music, Reading Newspaper, Story & Novels, Acting, Playing Volleyball | Hobby: Travelling, Helping Poor & Needy people and To search new things. Occupation: Modeling, Journalism and Working at Humor overseas as a public relation officer (PR).

Contestant – 14
Name: Ranjana Rai | Permanent Address: Dhankuta, Currently: Lalitpur, Tikathali | Hight:5ft1inch | Hobby: Dance, Travel, Social Work | Aim: Choreographer

Contestant – 15
Name: Nisha Rai | Permanent Address: Taplejung, Currently: New-Baneshwor | Hobby: Reading Books, Travelling, Watching Movies | Aim: To be a Successful business person.

Contestant – 16
Name: Salina Rai | Permanent Address: Sunsari, Mahendra nagar-4, Currently: Dharan-16 | High: 5ft | Hubby: Lisining Music, Singing and Traveling | Aim: Social Media work and kirati Colchester deployment major think.