Mrs. & Miss Disability Queen Nepal 2021 Announced

It seems the season of beauty pageants is back and so the number of hosting such kinds of events has gradually been increased. In the meantime, a very innovative concept on hosting pageant has been introduced to empower and encourage people with a physical disability.

The event is been named Mrs. and Miss Disability Queen Nepal 2021 with the tag line ‘my ability is stronger than my disability.’ As been told by the organizing team the event would focus on women with physical disabilities and would be a unique platform to showcase their talent, enhance their personality and extend the horizon of their identity.

The event is being organized by Green Arts Media Pvt. Ltd. in association with CSPD Nepal – Cultural Society of People with Physical Disabilities. The event is being choreographed by Anila Shrestha and would be coordinated by Alina Shakya Tuladhar. The finale of the event is scheduled for 21st of Chaitra 2077, 3rd April 2021.

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