Manjari Group to host Miss Pacific 2020

Manjari Group has launched its second international venture. Manjari Group is the Chitwan based event Management Company leaded by Vishal H Ale and has been organizing various beauty pageants, also the national director for different international pageants.

The second international pageant launched by Manjari Group is been named as Miss Pacific 2020 and is with the tag line called with the peace. The event is claimed to be the package for Women empowerment, where women can build up self-confidence, groom themself, exchange culture and expose their hidden talent.

The international female pageant launched by Manjari Group called Miss Pacific 2020 is scheduled from 7th to 11th of November 2020 and will be hosted in Nepal. As stated by organizing team, So far the global contestants those are been confirmed to compete in the event are from the countries like Zambia, Ghana, Philippines, Nepal, South Africa, Nigeria, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bostwana, India, Liberia, Guam and more of the countries are on the way for the confirmation.

Earlier the inaugural edition of international male pageant Mister Asia 2020 was hosted on 5th of February 2020 at Saurah, Chitwan, where Mister India Suraj Kumar was been elected as the winner. The event was been showcased with the tag line be a Real Man, Mister Asia 2020 and had eleven delegates from different corners of the globe.