Kangana Ranaut wants to write a book on her struggles

IANS, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut intends to write a book on her struggles in her life, which includes the period before she came to the film industry as well as her stint in it.

Kangana Ranaut

“The way I dealt with my failures has been very heavy and I would like to write a book about that, how success will never teach you anything” said Ranaut at the launch of journalist Barkha Dutt’s book, The Unquiet India here.

“So I’ve been through struggle for 10 years, and I think that’s what shaped me up as a person today. I don’t know how much a success people see me as — that is very external aspect of one’s growth — but I think I’m a very successful person on a very personal level. And when you lose something or face failure, it’s about how you deal with it and not lose your self-respect and self-worth,” she said.

“Ten years of humiliation, rejection, embarrassment could’ve made me believe what the whole world thought about me — like if they thought about me as a loser, but I didn’t think of myself as that or as what the world or my parents thought of me. That’s why I could do what I did in my life… Not just in India but all over the world, winning and success in so overrated,” she added. She also confessed about being physically abused by an industry celebrity and how she is fighting back physically and legally.


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