Get Ready for Man of the year Nepal 2017

A new pageant dedicated to confident, dashing hunks who believe that they the X factor to conquer. The pageant would lead to international arena to compete at Man of the year 2017 to be held at Indonesia.

The domestic event is being organized by Avatar International. The young men in the age group 24 to 30 years are eligible to enroll in the competition.

As told by the organizing team the grooming session for the event would be focused on international based runway walk training, personality and confidence development, communication skills enhancement, stage presentation techniques and other areas like fashion, self make-up, fitness, port folio shoot etc. The deserving candidates would be provided with opportunities at movies, music videos, TV and paper commercials, TV series etc.

Earlier Sandeep Pokhrel successfully represented at Man of the year 2016 where he was able to grab two of the sub title categories. Sandeep was victorious at People’s Choice award and Man of the year 2016 Best Talent (Masterly) award. He was also placed at top ten in the competition.

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