The Fashion Designers Council of Nepal FDCN appoints Choreographer Aswini Jha as its advisor

Marking its sixth-year anniversary the Fashion Designers Council of Nepal FDCN has appointed Choreographer Aswini Jha as its advisor. This became possible when the meeting of the working committee of FDCN unanimously passed the proposal of FDCN president Amit Jha to appoint Aswini Jha as an advisor to the council.

Speaking on the occasion, Amit Jha, the president of FDCN, expressed that as choreographer Aswini has more than a decade of long-term experience in the field of fashion, modeling and pageantry field both nationally and internationally, the council would be benefited from his experience.

He also added through the suggestions and guidance the Council would receive from Aswini, would make the Council work more effectively. In the occasion the work done and progress made in the last five years by the Council was also been highlighted. In addition, the action plan of the organization for the coming days was also been discussed.


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