Din Dhalosh Raat Bitosh… Bijesh Poudel, Feat. Barsha Siwakoti

barsha-siwakoti-and-bijesh-poudel Mantra Dibya Entertainment released a video song DIN DHALOSH, RAAT BITOS… from the album MERO GEET, song by Bijesh Poudel, music composed by renowned music director Raju singh and lyric written by popular song writer Yogendra Mani Dahal. The video song is directed by media person Pradip K Niraula and featured actress Barsha Siwakoti.

Singer: Bijesh Poudel | Album: MERO GEET | Lyrics: Yogendra Mani Dahal | Music: Raju Singh | Arranger: Rajan Ishan | Act: Bijesh Poudel and Barsha Siwakoti | Dress Designer: Santoshi Shrestha | Makeup: Lokesh Thapa | Cinematographer: Hari Humagai | Editor: Bharat Mani Regmi | Director: Pradip K Niraula | Audio/Video on Mantra Dibya Entertainment 2014

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