Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe shot in most expensive set

Glamour Nepal
Shooting of the Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe is underway in various locations of the capital. The film unit has recently built the most expensive set in the Balaju-based Nepal Film Development Company for the shooting. The movie is directed by Sudarshan Thapa who will also appear in the movie as an actor. According to director Thapa, the film unit has spent Rs 17 Lakh in the building the set alone as part of the first phase of shooting. Senior Director and Actor Narayan Puri also consider this movie as one of the most expensive movie.

Subash Sudarshan thapa (2)“In my two decade long filmy career, I haven’t seen such a splendid and expensive set. I have felt today that I am really acting in the movie,” said Puri, who is acting in the movie with the special role of a CEO of a television. In order to show Puri’s television as a giant television company, the expensive movie set includes the Master Controlling Room (MCR) and CEO’s chamber, among other.

Photo gallery of Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe Shooting on most expensive set

Rajesh Shrestha is shooting the movie while actor Pooja Sharma will appear in the movie in the role of television reporter. Actor Subash Thapa, Prem Puri and Director Thapa will be in the roles of Chankhey, Shankhey and Pankhey respectively. Nandita KC will have a special role in the movie. Rajaram Poudel, Ramchandra Adhikari, Rabindra Khadka, Shyam Rai, Dhruba Koirala, Ravindra Jha and Pramod Agrahari are other actors of the movie. Santosh Sen is the producer of the movie.


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