Alisha earns award at Prince and Princess of the World 2017

In the 6th World festival for beauty, talents & fashion, ‘Prince and Princess of the World 2017’, seventeen years of Nepali Teenager Alisha Bade Shrestha is been victorious at two different award category.

In the competition she earned the awards of Princess of the world 2017 Grand Prize and Originality Super Grand Prize 2017. An A level student at Rato Bangala School, Alisha competed with thirty four teenagers from 14 different countries of the world.

During the talent round Alisha showcased her dancing talent in two of the popular Nepali movie songs called ‘Ma Pyar bechi dinchu’ and ‘Gaihri khet ko’. In the event Russian Teenager sixteen years of age Marina Aaliev won Super Grand Prix World Princess 2017 award.

As told by the national director for the competition for Nepal Dipendra Ratna Shakya from Nepalese Council the event that took place at Sofia of Bulgaria also included the competition for the parents. The competition of the parents was won by Mahesh Chandra Bade Shrestha, father to Alisha.

He performed a dance in the song called Gurans Phulyo and delivered a speech in the importance of parents in the children’s life. His effective performance made him to win the title award called King of the World 2017.


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