Yama Buddha raps pain of Nepali girls sold in Indian brothels

Malina-JoshiGlamour Nepal,
some 12-15 thousand Nepali girls are sold in brothels in Indian every year. Among them, 20 percent are below the age of 16 years and 35 percent are infected with HIV/AIDS.

There are many programs launched by both government and non-government organizations. But, they are ineffective. Brokers take Nepali girls to different brothels in India by luring them right under the nose of security agencies.

Famous rapper Yama Buddha has presented this painful story of such Nepali girls. The song ‘Yo Prasnga…’ tells a story how a girl born in poor and illiterate family reaches Indian brothels. The song has been penned and composed by the famous rapper Yama Buddha.

Malina Joshi and Resh Marahthha has been feature in the music video directed by Yama Budhha himself. The song has already been hit in social and anti-girl trafficking campaign.

The song includes commitments of anti-trafficking by Gagan Thapa, Priyana Karki, Indira Joshi, Suvekhya Bhadel, Ishani Shrestha, Sadikshya Shrestha among other celebrities.


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