I was victims of depression, reveals Deepika Padukone

Famous Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone had become victim of depression. After breakup with Rabir Kapoor, Currently, the actress is romancing with Ranveer Singh. She is planning to get married this year.
But, the actress became victim of depression in 2013. The actress, during an interview with Hindustan Times, revealed that she went through the problem during shooting of ‘Happy New Year’.

“I used to be angry every morning I woke up and didn’t use to have mood to work, but the shooting for Happy New Year was in climax,” Deepika said, “I had left concentration at work and used to cry alone.”

She took consultations from doctors after she told her problem to her aunt. Doctor had suggested the actress to take medicines. But, only medicines didn’t work for her and she took to meditation. Then she took leave for two months and spent time with her family in Bengaluru.

The actress has openly shared about her mental problem, adding that she will also assist patients of mental illness.


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