Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio to play 24 roles in a film

Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio will play 24 characters in his upcoming film ‘The Crowded Room’.

Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio He will be in the role of Billy Milligan in the film. Milligan is the first person to be diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. According to Hollywood Reporter, the movie will be based on the biographical book of Milligan published in 1981. He was charged with raping three women and executing a robbery in Ohio in 1970.

While defending him, lawyers had argued that not Milligan, but two other persons developed from his mental condition committed the crime. They had told the court that his mental condition did the crime and he was unaware about it.

It was the first incident in USA, when a culprit was defended in this manner. Many Hollywood experts were influenced to producer film on his life. Among them, James Cameron is one.


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