Shristi and Anmol sizzles in Wave Magazine Cover

Shristi Shrestha and Anmol KC sizzles in Wave Magazine Cover – issue 244, May-June 2016

Countless brains were questioning. ‘Who is she?’ when Shristi Shrestha graced the covers of various fashion magazines and displays of endorsement. At the same time, Anmol KC was on a mark of ‘get, set and go’, while thousands of beauties were unknown who was coming in their hearts to dwell.

Anmol KC Shristi Shrestha Wave Magazine (6)

Anmol KC and Shristi Shrestha, sharing the same frames in the movie ‘Gajalu’ multiplied their fan following, moonstruck their admirers and received trillions of kisses flying in the sky.

READ MORE on WAVE MAGAZINE (issue 224, May-June 2016)

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Photography: Arjun Shah / Hair and Makeup: Bipashi Tuladhar / location: SB Furniture / Text by Priyadarshini Shrestha


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