My passion to act will always live on; Karishma Manandhar

Karishma’s Engagements with New Movie “Phagu, the colors” and Tv Show “Clap Board Reloaded”

Karishma-Manandhar-1The Queen of Beauty Karishma Manandhar has never been busier. But, currently she is quite busy in new projects. On coming New Year, she is planning to start a TV Show “Clap board Reloaded” for which, she has borne numerous responsibilities that has kept her exhaustingly busy. Her upcoming movie, “One Way” is about to be released where she has dons an avatar that has been one of the strongest characters till date in her professional career. Further, she is ready to produce a movie, titled “Phagu, the colors” and the first clap of the movie starting this Sunday during the auspicious occasion of “Shree Panchami.”

Here are some excerpts with Karishma regarding her busy schedule:

1) You’re about to show a programme on showbiz and films in television. What’s new in it?
Yes, it’s exclusively focused on films. And I think viewers will find it quite different from other shows as they can also have the chance to be involved in the talks.

2) You have been very busy. Have you chosen any other films to star in?
With these engagements keeping me so occupied I have not signed any other roles for the moment. With all due respect to many film offers I have had, I am actually on the lookout for unique and meaningful roles.

3) You have ventured into television now. That must keep you busier than ever?
Well, I consider being busies a very good thing, and yes I am going to be quite occupied this entire year! K.B. Films always wanted to bring out a show called, “Clap Board” focused on films, so now we’re giving it a bit of new edge and bringing out “Clap Board Reloaded”. Also, I will be starting work on my new film soon.

People here say that without a star cast the movie will not run well. I intend to break that assumption with my movie, “Phagu, the colors”


4) It is being said you have taken up major responsibilities for “Clap Board Reloaded”?
Yes, much of it. I have not only been involved with post-production but also with details concerning the VJ’s outfits! I have also prepared a dummy of the show and sent it to Kantipur Television. I want to show my show pretty soon. Let’s see how things go.

5) Your upcoming film, “One Way” is also about to be released. What you feel?
I have played as a single mother in this movie. It was very challenging. I hope I have done justice to it.

6) You’re producing a film. How confident are you feeling?
“Babusaheb” was my first production. I was slightly nervous at that time. But now, I have good enough experience. I am working with new actors and a team. I’ve already found good locations too.

7) A film with new actors… how confident are you that it will run well?
Yes, it’s true I have chosen fresh actors. The film will be directing Samjhan Rauniyar, who has already directed a film “Megha”. Actress Shilpa Pokharel and Model Subhash Parajuli (Model of the year 2014) will be seen in lead role. People here say that without a star cast the movie will not run well. I intend to break that assumption with my movie, “Phagu, the colors” and its new cast of actors. And I have also been providing them with professional training.

Karishma-Manandhar-28) It’s your own film. You could have also played a major role in it…
I might or might not be in this movie. Let’s keep that suspense!

9) Your fans and well-wishers are worried about you have not graced the silver screen for quite a while?

It’s not that I have not had offers, but the role has to appeal to me. I don’t want to do a showpiece role. I want to play such an act that my viewers appreciate my talent. I am an actor, and my passion to act will always live on.

10) Any future resolutions?
It’s definitely showbiz and films. But now I want to work with complete freedom, and no compromises.

– by Jayan Subba Manandhar


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