Mrs. Nepal Lockdown Talent Hunt

Season Media Pvt. Ltd. has come up with the idea of utilizing the odd situation being faced because of coronavirus Covid19. The unique platform to explore and showcase the talent of an individual is named as Mrs. Nepal Lockdown Talent hunt.

As the name suggests, the platform is dedicated to married women and would be focused on acting, dancing, singing, cooking, and make-up skills of an individual. As been told the event would be conducted online and the interested candidate needs to apply for the competition along with a recorded video of a maximum three minutes in the length as per the choice of the category to apply for.

Only one category is applicable to an individual. The interested ones need to submit their videos at The competition is said to be opened for all Nepal and each category would have twenty finalists to battle for the winning award of the category. The competition would be based majorly on online voting, like share and judgment of the jury panel. Each category of the competition would finalize top three winners and would be awarded trophy, crown, and various home appliances as the winning rewards.

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